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Ubatuba is located on the north coast of São Paulo and has a tropical vibe, perfect for those looking for a place to rest and have fun. Our hostel is located next to lush beaches, adventurous trails, paradisiacal islands and many more attractions for you! Water activities are also a major draw of the region as well as the nightlife that hosts the best nightlife events in the city. Ubatuba reserves many activities for different tastes. We are sure that you will fall in love with our city! Beautiful beaches. Lovely trails. Stunning rivers, streams and waterfalls. Lush Atlantic Rainforest. Ubatuba reserves many activities for different tastes. Including a wonderful nightlife.

Anchieta Island

The second largest island on the coast of São Paulo hosts Anchieta Island State Park. In the past, it was land of the Tamoios and Tupinambás Indians who lived there until the mid-19th century. Rich in natural beauty of Atlantic rainforest, Anchieta Island offers nature hiking trails and beautiful beaches of clear water, ideal for diving and snorkelers. In the ruins of the old prison, built in the early twentieth century, it is possible to take a tour of a part of the history of Brazil.

Água Branca Waterfall

The largest and most fascinating waterfall in the region. A natural spectacle of one hundred and twenty meters of waterfall. Such is the clean and crystalline White Water Waterfall. It is always recommended to go with a tour guide, because there are many trails that lead to other destinations. Along the way, waterfalls such as Corrêa, Zé, Renata and Poço Verde are also landscapes worthy of attention.

Hiking Trails

Adding 14 trails including Corcovado, Ubatumirim Waterfalls, Sono Beach, Sete Fontes - Pirata Cave, Praia de Fora, Ponta da Joatinga, Corisco, Água Branca Waterfall. Ubatuba offers scenery for long or short walks. Whatever is your mood for the day, the nature of Ubatuba offers beauty and exuberance in every way.

Ubatuba Aquarium

The first private aquarium open for public visitation in the country is right next to you! The Ubatuba Aquarium offers various activities for families, including the “touch tank concept" where visitors, through contact with animals, can learn concepts of biology and environmental preservation.

Tamar Project

Hosting an average of 100,000 people annually, the Tamar Museum is undoubtedly one of our biggest attractions. The cultural space values ​​the culture of the caiçara culture through 200 pieces and objects providing visitors an immersion in the Brazilian culture. Visiting hours: Sun. from 10am to 6pm; Fri, Sat., holidays and school holidays from 10 am to 8 pm. During school days closes on Wednesdays for maintenance

Sobradão do Porto

If you are a history fan the townhouse is the perfect place for your visit. With its doors open to public, Sobradão do Porto covers the city's history and offers events and exhibitions for those who plan to learn a little more about the city's past.

Cruzeiro Lighthouse

Offering one of the most beautiful views of the city, the cruise lighthouse is a must for our guests. Come and register unforgettable moments with family and friends and enjoy the light and relaxed atmosphere that our city offers. In the evening. the beach shore is fill of craft fairs, events, shows, bars, restaurants and many other attractions for you

Lazaro Beach

Located in the south of the city and a few meters from our establishment, Lázaro beach is the perfect destination for families. Because it does not contain high tide or rough seas, this beach is sought by tourists seeking rest and tranquility. Boat rides and other beaches in the area are also offered along the waterfront.

Guarani Street

One of the main shopping centers in the city and a perfect option for night walks. It offers variety of shops and restaurants for you. Come and meet our gastronomy and typical shops of Ubatuba.

Sununga Beach

Known for its crying grotto and for hosting a stage of the world skimboarding championship, Sununga beach is located between the beaches of Lázaro and Domingas dias. It is the perfect destination for those who enjoy water sports and history.

Domingas Dias Beach

One of the most beautiful sights of the city of Ubatuba is right near you! The Domingos Dias offers a good location for sports such as SUP or Kayaking. The Access is free, through Pedra Verde Condominium, on the beach of Lazarus

Long Beach

Praia Grande is considered one of the most visited beaches of the country. Its coastline with more than 4 miles contains several attractions for visitors and locals of the region. Enjoy moments of fun with all the good infrastructure that the beach offers. Bars, restaurants and shops are some of the facilities found on the beach.

Prumurim Beach

This hidden paradise, in the middle of our city, is the ideal destination for families seeking tranquility and fun. Its calm and green waters make the perfect setting for you to enjoy a peaceful environment.

Sete Fontes Beach

The beach of Seven Fountains can be accessed by boats that depart from Lazarus Beach or Saco Pier or by an approximately 1 hour hiking trail. If you are a fan of nature adventures, the Seven Fountains Beach will make you happy!

Couve Island

Located just before the border with Rio de Janeiro, Couve Island is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Its two beaches with calm and crystal clear waters offers a breathtaking view and can be easily accessed on this island by our guests.

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